5 mai 2008

How do we know ? Understanding in Science and Theology

Par rbp

Le prochain congrès de l’ESSSAT (European Society for Study of Science and Theology) aura lieu du 30 avril au 5 mai prochains à Sigtuna en Suède. Il est intitulé :

How do we know ?
Understanding in Science and Theology

Les conférenciers sont:

Lewis Wolpert , embryologist, Fellow of the Royal Society, speaks on the nature of science.
Noreen Herzfeld , theologian and computer scientist, discusses the dynamic nature of theology, thus countering science-inspired atheism.
The nature of the knower will be addressed by Peter Gärdenfors , cognitive scientist,
Willem B. Drees will relate controversies over the nature of knowledge to views of religion-and-science.

In the concluding symposium with the title Beyond Hedenius. Changing Conceptions of Knowledge, Antje Jackelén, a scholar in religion and science and as of April 2007 Lutheran bishop of the diocese of Lund, and Mikael Stenmark, Uppsala, author of Scientism : Science, Ethics and Religion, will participate. The conference is a joint conference with Sigtunastiftelsen, a beautiful conference centre near Stockholm (see www.sigtunastiftelsen.se), rooted in the student movement and ’church and society’ (e.g., Nathan Söderblom). Reception will be on Wednesday April 30, 2008 at 5 PM at Sigtunastiftelsen.

Plenary discussions offer the opportunity for all participants to engage in debate on the central issues. Short paper sessions will allow many participants to present and discuss their ideas.

Toute information complémentaire sur le site de l’ESSAT.